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Optical brightener for plastic

We are plastics optical brightener manufacturer and supplier, we have optical brightener factory china.

Plastics Optical Brighteners ,we also named it fluorescent brightening agent mainly used for all kinds of plastics industries,such as master batches ,polymer,thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), polyester fiber, Nylon,wool ,paint and ink,ABS,PP,PC,EVA,TPR,PU,etc.RAYTOP Plastics Optical Brighteners is famous for its high and steady quality,less dosage,perfect whitness,prompt delivery,competitive price,as well as best after sales service.

For different plastics industry ,we have different recommendation.For example, for PVC industry,we recommend plastics optical brightener OB-1 or FP-127.For master batches,we recommend Plastics Optical Brighteners OB-1 OB FP-127 KCB etc.For EVA ,we recommend Plastics Optical Brighteners KCB or  FP-127.

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