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Optical Brightener BA

Optical Brightener BA

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1. Product introduction

Optical Brightener is a kind of white dye that develops rapidly, which can improve the whiteness and gloss of the processed object without damaging the object. It is used for whitening cotton, hemp and cellulose fiber fabrics, and also used for pulp whitening. , The product has been very good for many years.

2. Product performance

This product is a light yellow uniform powder with a brilliant blue-violet color. It can be dissolved in soft water more than 80 times the amount. This product has good acid and alkali resistance. At pH 4.5-7, the whitening effect is significantly better than VBL.

3.product indicators

Appearance: light yellow uniform powder

Strength points: 100 points

Insoluble matter in water: ≤0.5%

Moisture content: ≤5%

Residue on sieve of 100 mesh fineness: ≤10%

4.product use

Mainly used for whitening cotton, hemp, cellulose fiber fabrics, also used for whitening paper pulp, and brightening light-colored fiber fabrics; also used in synthetic detergents.

5. Suggested dosage:

In the paper industry, the conventional dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the bone-dry pulp. 2. The dosage is 0.08-0.3% when used for whitening cotton, hemp, cellulose fiber 3. It is recommended to add no more than 0.05% when used in washing powder, and no higher than 0.1% when used in liquid detergent.

6. Packing: cardboard drum. Kraft paper bag or PE bag, net weight 25 kg per piece.