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Optical Brightener CBS-X

The optical beightener CBS-X is different from the fluorescent brightener CXT DMS in that it is mainly used in high-end synthetic laundry detergents, super concentrated liquid detergents, and can also be used in the whitening of soaps and toilet soaps. Its raw material DSD acid supplies 75% to China, and the other 25% is concentrated in India. 

Therefore, China's optical brighteners CBS-X and C.I 71 have the stability and price advantage of continuous supply.


Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Powder & Granular

CAS No.:27344-41-8

C.I. No.:351

Molecular Formula:C28H20S2O6Na2

Appearance:Greenish yellow powder or granules


Main Chemical Composition:Stilbene derivative 

Basic characteristics of optical brightener CBS-X:

1.It has a high-efficiency whitening effect on cellulose fibers in cold and warm water.

2. Repeated washing will not make the fabric yellow or change color.

3. It has excellent stability in super-concentrated liquid detergents and heavy-duty fluid detergents.

4. Excellent resistance to chlorine bleaching, oxygen bleaching, strong acid and strong alkali.

For the optical brightener used in the washing industry, we mainly recommend the optical brightener FB 351 and 71, the models are Optical brightener CBS-X, CXT, DMS, AMS.Optical brightener FB CBS-X 351 appearance is yellow-green crystalline...
Fluorescent brightener CBS-X
C.I.351 CAS:27344-41-8 Molecular formula: c28h20s2o6na2
Relative molecular mass: 562.60 (according to the international relative atomic mass in 1997).Fluorescent brightener CBX is widely used in soaps and dete...
Optical brightener CBS-X C.I. 351 CAS NO. 27344-41-8 has three forms powder/granula and liquid ,it is for Laundry detergent,such washing powder and soap.
Adding optical brightener to the detergent can make the washed fabric have a very good whitening effect, so now most manufacturers of detergents will add optical brightener, the more commonly used is the optical brightener CBS-X . At presen...
The working principle of the Optical brightener CBS-X is to absorb the invisible ultraviolet light in the light and emit visible blue light. After being superimposed with the yellow light emitted by the fabric, it complements to form white ...
There are 5 factories can produce optical brightener CBS-X in china with production capacity 620mt per year-end another 4 factories in other countries with capacity 280mt per year.So the price of optical brightener CBS-X mainly depend on Ch...
It can be seen that optical brightener, which are key raw materials for soaps and detergents, have also had a large market in Africa in recent years. The first brightener used in soaps and detergents was tinopal CBS-X. Now with the continuo...
Optical Brightener CBS-X 351 is an important additive in washing powder,RAYTOP has the same Tinopal CBS-X. In the high-end washing powder, the whitening agent is indispensable, and the added amount is relatively high. In the washing powder...
Tinopal is the famouse brand of optical brightener CBS-X,Raytop Chemical is the top 3 optical brightener CBS-X manufacturer from China,we have high level quality and low price cbs x optical brightener.
Detergent Optical Brighteners CBS-X powder are wildly used for in our daily life,it is in the Washing powder, liquid detergent, soap as well as laundry industry.