The optical beightener CBS-X is different from the fluorescent brightener CXT DMS in that it is mainly used in high-end synthetic laundry detergents, super concentrated liquid detergents, and can also be used in the whitening of soaps and toilet soaps. Its raw material DSD acid supplies 75% to China, and the other 25% is concentrated in India. 

Therefore, China's optical brighteners CBS-X and C.I 71 have the stability and price advantage of continuous supply.


Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Powder & Granular

CAS No.:27344-41-8

C.I. No.:351

Molecular Formula:C28H20S2O6Na2

Appearance:Greenish yellow powder or granules


Main Chemical Composition:Stilbene derivative 

Basic characteristics of optical brightener CBS-X:

1.It has a high-efficiency whitening effect on cellulose fibers in cold and warm water.

2. Repeated washing will not make the fabric yellow or change color.

3. It has excellent stability in super-concentrated liquid detergents and heavy-duty fluid detergents.

4. Excellent resistance to chlorine bleaching, oxygen bleaching, strong acid and strong alkali.