The ER series of optical brighteners have two uses. One is used in the plastics industry. It is used in combination with other series of brighteners to improve product performance, such as increasing red light. Another use is for refining, the slurry is mainly used in polyester, blending and other industries.

Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent ER-Ⅰ

Chemical Name:1,4'-bis(2-cyanostyryl) Benzene

CAS No.:13001-39-3

C.I. No.:199

Molecular Formula:C24H16N2

Molecular Weight:332

Properties:It has high whitening brightening effect and excellent fastness to sublimation.

Technical Index

Appearance:greenish yellow crystalline powder 

Melting Point:230-232°C 


Maximum UV Absorption Spectrum:365nm

Uses:Mainly be used in whitening of polyester fiber and as the raw material of paste form brightening agent in textile dyeing.