Product name : Optical Brightener CXT

Item : 20173914835

CAS NO. : 16090-02-1

CI. NO. : 71

HS NO. : 320420

Optical Brightener CXT.jpg

Optical brightener CXT  is an excellent fluorescent whitening agent currently considered as detergent. Due to the introduction of morpholine groups in the molecule of this brightener, many of its properties have been improved. For example, the acid resistance is increased, and the perborate resistance is also very good. It is suitable for the whitening of cellulose fibers, polyamide fibers and fabrics. The ionization of the fluorescent whitening agent CXT is anionic, and the fluorescent hue is cyan light. Fluorescent brightener CXT has better resistance to chlorine bleaching, better than VBL and 31#. The pH of the best dye bath is 7~10, and its light fastness is grade 4. The biggest feature of CXT used in washing powder is: high compounding quantity, high accumulated washing whiteness, which can meet the requirements of any compounding quantity in the detergent industry.