Optical brightener KSN for Plastic and polyester fiber

Optical brightener KSN for Plastic and polyester fiber
Optical brightener KSN for Plastic and polyester fiber
Yellow Green
Color shade
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
Optical brightener KSN, also known as fluorescent brightener KSN. CAS NO 5242-49-9, content (%) 99.Optical brightener KSN for Plastic and polyester fiber in the world.Optical brightener KSN price has been rising due to the rising price of raw materials.

Optical brightener KSN, also known as fluorescent brightener KSN. CAS NO 5242-49-9, content (%) 99


Appearance yellow powder, used in plastic industry. have "Fluorescent brighteners with high fastness produce very bright white effect, with neutral to blue purple hue, high light resistance and excellent migration resistance, especially on LDPE. Fluorescent brighteners for plastics and synthetic fibers; It is suitable for whitening polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile and other fibers, silk and wool. It is widely used in film, injection molding and extrusion molding materials. It is suitable for the processing of all plastics and is very suitable for the whitening and polymerization stage of any processing stage of synthetic polymers.

KSN is an optical brightener used in plastic and polyester optical fibers in a highly concentrated way. The high brightness optical brightener has a neutral to blue purple whitening effect on light tone products, makes the color brighter, and has significant anti migration in LDPE.

Chemical properties: benzoxazole derivatives. Ionic properties: non-ionic material, melting range: 250-300 ℃, unstable in the case of humidity and sunlight. Insoluble in water, solubility (25 ℃), acetone: 80mg / L, dimethylamide: 800mg / L, perchloroethylene: 250mg / L, toluene: 500mg / L, methanol (9:1): 970mg / L

The thermal stability of optical brightener KSN is suitable for the processing of plastics and chemical fiber polymers

Application: KSN is very suitable for whitening in the process of processing and synthesizing high polymers, such as film, injection molding, compression molding, dyeing of chemical fiber, hard wool and color wax wool. Its use method is similar to pigment, plastic additive or chemical fiber additive.

Usage: add 20-300ppm in color plastic. The usual addition of transparent plastics is less than 5-20ppm.

The maximum dosage of thermoplastic PVC is 100ppm and that of hard PVC is 500ppm. The average usage of polyester fiber is 100-250ppm.

The brightener KSN can be added during transesterification reaction or polycondensation reaction and mixing and compounding. It can also be added to plastics and fibers in the processing form of brightening masterbatch. Therefore, the addition amount of brightening masterbatch is 0.5-20%.

Now many manufacturers of filling masterbatch are using KSN.

The appearance of this fluorescent whitening agent is green powder or yellow powder, the color light is blue light, the active ingredient is 99%, the fineness is greater than 300 mesh, and the service temperature is within 360 ℃. It can be dissolved in various organic solvents such as paints, inks and coatings. It has weather resistance grade, heat resistance, sun resistance, anti fading, whitening, brightening and brightening performance! It has high whitening intensity and strong fluorescence. It has a good effect on plastics. At present, the price of fluorescent brightener is rising continuously, chemical enterprises have stopped production because of environmental protection problems, and there is a serious shortage of raw materials. Now, don't think too much about the price when using optical brightener. If you can buy it, you will make a profit, and it will continue to rise in the later stage.

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