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Optical brightener,UV absorber and Masterbatch manufacturer and factory

Shandong Raytop Chemical Co.,Ltd established in 2006.We are optical brightener manufacturers and factory. Now days we has three production bases,with total area of 120,000 square meters, 6 workshops and more than 260 employees. We are the most professional optical brightener suppliers and manufacturers in China.We have a optical brightener factory,special advantage products optical brightener for plastic,optical brightens for textile, optical brightener for paper making, optical brightener for detergent.And all kinds of master batches are available.

Also we are Masterbatch manufacturer and factory. Our Masterbatch product output is 10,000 tons / year.A large number of optical brightener and Masterbatch products are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Japan, South Korea and India. If you are planning to purchase optical brightener and masterbatch, then I am your best choice.

Optical Brightener OB-1

Optical Brightener OB

Optical Brightener FP-127

Optical Brightener CBS-X

Optical Brightener BBU

Photoluminescent Pigment

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Optical Brighteners Agent manufacturer

We are Optical Brighteners Agent manufacturer from the year 2006.We accept OEM/ODM orders,our brighteners export to worldwide.As the most professional optical brightener suppliers in China,we insist to provide our clients with high quality Optical Brighteners with advantage price and consistent service.

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We are professional manufacturer and exporter of Optical Brighteners for 20 yeas!

Raytop company insists on fully automated and intelligent integrated production,60% fluorescent brighteners’ raw materials are supplied by ourselves,we always optimize production layout to ensures continuous and stable supply. High quality+Reasonable price + Intimate service is the target we are pursuing.


20 years'production experience


3 production bases


30 products moldels


80 countries customers
Why Choose Us!

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Raytop is an optical brightener manufacturer

Raytop is optical brightener manufacturer in china with production experience about 20 years.We wholesale Optical Brightener powder & liquid,such as Optical Brightener OB-1 393,Optical Brightener OB 184, Optical Brightener FP-127 378,Optical Brightener KCB 367,Optical Brightener CBS-X 351,Optical Brightener MSAC 140,ptical Brightener BA 113,Optical Brightener BBU 220,Optical Brightener CXT/DMS/AMS 71, Optical Brightener 4BK etc for you.We are the most professional manufacturer & exporter from china,producing a full range of optical brighteners agents in China.

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Bulk purchases optical brighteners,Nucleating Agent and Odor remover

We are professional for the following series: Optical brightener, Masterbatches,UV Products, Nucleating Agent,Odor remover etc.If you are looking for a Optical brightenert and Masterbatch,Nucleating Agent and Odor remover manufacturer, we have our own chemical factory and will become your best supplier.

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We are a professional manufacturer of Optical brightener,UV absorber and Masterbatch. Meet EU production standards. Welcome to consult us.


Optical brightener also called fluorescent brightener.

We are the best fluorescent brightener ob-1 manufacturers and suppliers china.We specialize in producing fluorescent brightener OB-1,OB,FP-127,KCB,KSN……for you.OB-1 is a kind of color conditioner, which is widely used in papermaking, textile, detergent and other fields. There are about 15 basic structural types and nearly 400 structures in fluorescent brightener. There are two types of fluorescent brightener added to laundry detergents: stilbene biphenyls (such as CBS) and bis (triazine) amino stilbenes (such as 33).

Improvement of product experience with optical brightener ob-1
Improvement of product experience with optical brightener ob-1


Optical brightener OB-1 is widely used in the fields of plastic, paper and paint, so what role can OB-1 play in improving these products?

Raytop will attend 2023 CHINAPLAS EXHIBITION
Raytop will attend 2023 CHINAPLAS EXHIBITION


Shandong Raytop Chem will attend 2023 CHINAPLAS.Besides our leading products Optical Brightener series,we also will show our new products on the show.
Our new products includes:glow in the dark pigme...

Misunderstandings about the optical brighteners in textiles
Misunderstandings about the optical brighteners in textiles


With the development of the market economy, consumers' pursuit of color richness and vividness of textiles continues to expand, and the demand is increasing day by day. Optical brighteners are widely ...

What is Photoluminescent Pigment ?
What is Photoluminescent Pigment ?


The potoluminescent pigment made of rare earth,can glow in the dark for a long time,which has a wide application,can be used for Plastics ,Ceramics,Paint and coating,Arts and crafts,Special printing i...


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