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Optical Brightener VBL

The molecular formula of optical brightener VBL is c36h34n12o8s2na2. VBL is a typical representative product of bis (triazine amino) fluorescent brightener. It can be dissolved in 80 times of soft water and has anionic properties. The degree of acid and alkali resistance is pH = 6 ~ 11. The pH of dyeing bath is 8 ~ 9.

Optical brightener VBL

CAS RN:12224-16-7

Molecular formula: c36h34n12o8s2na2

Molecular weight: 872.84 (according to the international relative atomic mass in 1991)

Optical brighteners are widely used in paper industry. So what is the role of optical brightener in paper? We need to understand through the structure of paper. With the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the...
Optical Brightener VBL 85 for paper making have three powders: VBL, BA, and BBU, which can be directly dissolved in water when used, and have good applicability and whiteness in the paper industry.China is the biggest manufacturer for Opti...