Odor remover can not only adsorb harmful substances formed in the plastic regeneration process, but also completely remove harmful substances through chelation. The microstructure of aluminum silicate, porous carrier, alumina and nano-silica, can not only increase the microscopic pores ,At the same time, it increases the specific surface area of the deodorant without affecting the physical properties and mechanical strength of the recycled plastic.

Odor remover is an additive used in plastic processing to remove odor from plastic products. Plastic products may emit different odors during the production process, which may be caused by raw materials, additives or processing conditions.

Odor remover is a chemical substance whose function is to react with odor substances in plastics, change its chemical structure or neutralize its odor, thereby reducing or eliminating the peculiar smell in plastic products. It can be added to the manufacturing process of plastic products, such as injection molding, extrusion or forming stages.

Such additives are usually produced by specialized chemical companies and formulated for different applications and plastic types. They can provide solutions for different odor problems, such as pungent smell of plastic, chemical smell or other bad smell. The use of Odor remover helps to improve the quality and use experience of plastic products, making them more suitable for a wide range of applications.

It is important to note that specific Odor remover formulations and methods of use may vary by manufacturer and product. Therefore, before using Odor remover, it is recommended to carefully read and follow the instructions for use and safety guidelines provided with the product.

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