Optical Brightener BBU(Optical whitening agent BBU) belongs to water-soluble whitening agent, which is commonly used for whitening of cotton fiber, viscose fiber and paper. Weare the best Optical Brightener BBU manufacturers china.

Structural type:

Molecular formula: c40h40n12o16s4na4

Relative molecular mass: 1165.12 (according to the international relative atomic mass in 1997)

Maximum UV absorption wavelength: 350 nm

Properties: anionic, blue light

Executive standard: Hg / t3727-2010

Physical indexes of optical brightener BBU:

1) Optical brightener BBU appearance: light yellow uniform powder

2) Fluorescence intensity (equivalent to that of standard): 100 ± 3

3) Whiteness (difference from the whiteness of the standard: sample whiteness% or wcte standard whiteness% or wcte): ≥ - 3

4) Moisture content: ≤ 5.0%

5) Optical brightener BBU fineness (passing 250 μ Amount of residue on mm sieve): ≤ 10%

6) Mass fraction of water insoluble matter: ≤ 0.5%

Performance characteristics of optical brightener BBU:

1. It has good water solubility and can be dissolved in 3-5 times the volume of boiling water. It can dissolve about 300g per liter of boiling water and about 150g in cold water.

2. Optical brightener BBU is not sensitive to hard water, and Ca2 + and Mg2 + do not affect its whitening effect.

3. Anti peroxide bleach, containing reducing agent (insurance powder) bleach.

4. The acid resistance of optical brightener BBU is general, and the whitening condition pH > 7 is the best.

Optical brightener BBU uses:

1. Optical brightener BBU is used to whiten cotton fiber and viscose fiber.

2. It is suitable for white discharge printing paste.

3. Fluorescent whitening was carried out in pulp.

4. Fluorescent whitening was carried out during surface sizing.

5. Fluorescent whitening is carried out in the coating process.

Application method of optical brightener BBU: (taking dip rolling method as an example)

1. Soaking liquid temperature: 95-98, residence time: 10-20 minutes, bath ratio: 1:20,

2. The steaming time is about 45 minutes, and the recommended dosage of Lianda chemical industry is 0.1-0.5%.

Packaging of optical brightener BBU: lined with plastic bags in cardboard barrels, with a net weight of 25 kg or 50 kg per barrel.

Transportation of optical brightener BBU: collision and exposure shall be avoided during transportation of fluorescent brightener BBU products.

Storage of optical brightener BBU: Lianda chemical recommends that it be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse for two years.