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Optical Brightener OB

What is Optical brightener OB ?

Optical brightener OB(fluorescent whitening agent OB) is a kind of optical brightener called the public lover, OB shows that it has a very good fusion and is suitable for all kinds of plastics. At the same time, the optical brightener OB can also be used in paint, ink, coating, and PE film.

Optical brightener OB powder

Nickname: 2,5-Bis-/5-tert.-butyl-2-benzoxazolyl)-thiophene; Fluorescent Brightener OB; FLUOESCENT BRIGHTENER-OB; FBA 184; 2,5-Thiophenediylbis(5-tert-butyl-1,3-benzoxazole); Optical Brightener OB; 2,2'-thiene-2,5-diylbis(5-tert-butyl-1,3-benzoxazole)

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Product Cate:Optical Brightening Agent For Plastic

Product Name:Optical Brightener OB

Chemical Name:2,5'-Bis[2-(5-tert-buty l-2 benzoxazoly)thiophene

CAS No.:7128-64-5

C.I. No.:184

Molecular Formula:C26H26N2O2N2

Molecular Weight:430

Appearance:slight greenish yellow powder 

Melting Point:200-202°C 


Uses:Mainly be used in whitening of thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), polyester fiber, paint and ink, etc.

Optical Brightener OB Dosage:

In plastics, the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is usually expressed as a percentage relative to the mass of the plastic. 

The usual amount of transparent plastic is 0.0001%-0.001%, and the amount of white plastic is usually 0.05%-0.1%.

In paint and ink, the amount of fluorescent whitening agent is usually 0.02%-0.05%. When it comes to the specific dosage, 

it is recommended to get some small samples from the fluorescent whitening agent manufacturer, because less fluorescent whitening agent will easily cause whitening The effect is unsatisfactory. Using too much will cause the brightener to separate out, so before determining the dosage, take a sample test to achieve our desired effect.

Optical Brightener OB C.I NO.184,CAS NO.:7128-64-5,Melting point:200℃,mainly used for coating,paint,PVC,PP,PS,PET etc all kinds of plastics.
Fluorescent brightener 184, English Name: 2,5-Bis (5-tert-butyl-2-benzoxazolyl) thiophene
Alias: bbot; Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB insecticide Dan ethicarb ethicarb ethicarb granules except Pirimicarb vegetable Pirimicarb 2 - [(ethylthi...
There is another difference between fluorescent brightening agent and titanium dioxide in the amount of addition. The addition amount of titanium dioxide is usually relatively large, while the addition amount of fluorescent brightening agen...
In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of people's quality, people have high level requirements for the whiteness and brightness of coatings. Therefore,add optical brightening agent into coatings has become a trend. Based on cur...
The fluorescent whitening agent OB 184 refined suitable for blown film manufacturers can fully improve the problem of insufficient whiteness and brightness of products caused by plastic blown film manufacturers to reduce costs and use recyc...
Product Name:Optical Brightener OB FB 184,Chemical Name:2,5'-Bis[2-(5-tert-buty l-2 benzoxazoly)thiophene,CAS No.:7128-64-5,C.I. No.:184 ,Molecular Formula:C26H26N2O2N2,Molecular Weight:430 ,Appearance:slight greenish yellow powder ,Melting...
The appearance of the fluorescent brightener OB is a light yellow crystalline powder, the melting point is 201-203 degrees Celsius, the absorption spectrum wavelength is 375nm, and the fluorescence emission wavelength is 435nm.
Optical brightener OB FB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5 in Europe is very popular in plasics industry,its big consume quantity is for plastics and coating,besides we have the same grade is for paint and ink.
Peru is a big market of plastics plastics.Optical brightener is a kind of fluorescent dye,it can make white plastic products look more high-end, most factories will add optical brightener to the formula.
In recent years, the demand for paint in the decoration field has continued to rise, and consequently the demand for paint Optical brightener OB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5 has risen. Optical brightener OB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5 is a model with a re...
RAYTOP CHEMICAL, as a leading enterprise in the optical brightener industry in China, has been committed to the deepening reform of the enterprise and product innovation research and development, and has created more than a dozen star produ...
Fluorescent brightener 184 OB used for paint & ink. With the continuous advancement of the current level of technology, the application fields of Fluorescent Brightener 184 have gradually expanded. In the paint industry, paint manufacturers...
Optical brightener OB can be used for the whitening and brightening of thermoplastics, such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PS and other plastic products. It has excellent heat resistance and light resistance. It can also be used to whiten some fibers...
OPTICAL BRIGHTENNING AGENT OB is used in coating, which can significantly improve the whiteness of coating,Can maintain the whiteness and vividness of the coating for a long time.Like many layers of canned products, all can use optical brig...
opticla brightener ob 184 is a yellow-green powder,be used in plastics, coating,ink,has excellent whitening effect,ob environmental protection effect is good, It has passed the FDA certification
PE plastic is exclusive, and the pure quality of raw materials must be ensured during processing. Therefore, we recommend the Optical brightener OB with high purity, good stability and good permeability.
Optical Brightener is kind of plastics additives can absorb UV light then emit visible blue light to reduce the yellowish and make the products more white.Optical brightener used for plastic is a very wide application.mainly used in whiteni...
China optical brightener OB factory and manufacturer supply Optical Brightener OB 184 for plastics,CAS NO.7128-64-7,melting point:200-202°C ,it has two different grades,one is for ink,pink and PE film,another is for all kinds of plasics,such...