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Optical brightener OB FB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5 factory in Europe

Yellow Green
Color shade
300 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent

Optical brightener OB FB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5 in Europe is very popular in plasics industry,its big consume quantity is for plastics and coating,besides we have the same grade is for paint and ink.

Call Us: +86-15854199366

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the price of plastic raw materials has fluctuated like a roller coaster. During the large-scale epidemic blockade in May last year, the price swooped to a low point in nearly 10 years. As the factory gradually resumed work, starting from the end of last year, the production of plastic products required The price of raw materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene in Europe has risen by 25% in a short period of time, reaching a high level in the past six years.

In addition, the European plastics market, which is highly dependent on imported raw materials, is also facing a crisis of supply shortage. One of its largest sources is the United States. The supply of electricity and materials has been disrupted for a long time due to various disasters and weather, which led to a cliff-like decline in total output. . In addition, the epidemic has disrupted the global supply chain, container shortages, logistics congestion and other complex situations, making the European plastics industry generally expect that this crisis will be difficult to resolve in a short time.

REACH certification is a European regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. Our plastic additive, optical brightener OB FB 184 CAS NO.7128-64-5, has obtained REACH certification.


Product Name:Optical Brightener OB FB 184

Chemical Name:2,5'-Bis[2-(5-tert-buty l-2 benzoxazoly)thiophene

CAS No.:7128-64-5

C.I. No. :184

Molecular Formula:C26H26N2O2N2

Molecular Weight:430 

Appearance:slight greenish yellow powder 

Melting Point:200-202°C 


Uses:Mainly be used in whitening of thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), polyester fiber, coating, paint & ink etc.

Packing :25 kg per fiber drum


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