Optical Brightener FP-127(fluorescent brightener FP-127) is mainly to white PVC products,such as pvc foam board,pvc sheets,pvc pipe,pvc profile,PVC cast film etc. Optical Brightener FP-127 whitness is better than Optical Brightener OB,but weather resistance Optical Brightener OB is better than Optical Brightener FP-127.

Other names: Optical brightener agent FP-127; fluorescent brightener FP-127; fluorescent whitening agent FP-127; Uvitex FP;  FP; OBA 378; FBA378; C.I.378; CI 378; optical bleaching agent FP-127; Clariant Hostalux FP-127; optical brightener CBS-127; optical whitener FP-127; Optical brightener FP127

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