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Optical Brightener FP-127

Optical Brightener FP-127 is mainly to white PVC products,such as pvc foam board,pvc sheets,pvc pipe,pvc profile,PVC cast film etc. Optical Brightener FP-127 whitness is better than Optical Brightener OB,but weather resistance Optical Brightener OB is better than Optical Brightener FP-127.

optical brightener FP-127,CAS NO.:40470-68-6,be widely used in plastics, especially PVC product such as PVC board,PVC foam shoe,A small amount of addition will have a good whitening effect
China factory supply 99% purity Optical Brightener Agent FP-127,it is most suitable for PVC products,such like PVC foam boards,PVC sheet,PVC shoes,PVC profile,PVC wall paper etc.
Gujarat is the big city is north of India,and it is a big industry city. However,there is no Optical Brightener manufacturers in gujarat, but optical brightener sells very good,sucj as optical brightener OB-1,OB,FP-127 etc.
China has the world leading optical brightener manufacturers,especially optical brightener used for plastics,it is made in china only.Besides China,some optical brightener manufacturers in india.But India manufacturer only produce optical b...