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Optical brightener CBS-X C.I. 351 CAS NO. 27344-41-8 powder/granula/liquid for detergent washing powder and soap

Yellow Green
Color shade
300 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent
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Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X 

CAS No.:27344-41-8

C.I. No.:351

Molecular Formula:C28H20S2O6Na2

Appearance:Greenish yellow powder or granules


Optical brightener CBS-X powder/granula

Appearance: yellow-green uniform powder or granule

Ultraviolet absorption: 1105~1181

Maximum absorption wavelength: 349nm

Performance characteristics: The fluorescence quantum yield is high, and the dosage is only one-fourth of the stilbene-triazine Optical brightener. Violet tone (blue-violet light), extremely resistant to chlorine bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide bleaching and strong acid. Strong alkali can significantly increase the whiteness of washing powder,and soap, and improve its appearance quality. It has good migratory performance, and it will evenly whiten the clothes when washing by hand and machine at low temperature and small bath ratio without causing spots. The whitening effect is strong. It has a high whitening effect on cellulose fibers, polyamides, protein fibers, and cotton cloth in cold and warm water, while other Optical brightener have poor whitening effects at low temperatures. The whitening speed is fast, and the fabric can reach a high whiteness in a very short time. It has excellent dry and wet light fastness and excellent perspiration resistance, and the stilbene triazine Optical brightener is easily decomposed during the drying process of the washed fabric, and the fabric will turn yellow under the action of sweat. After multiple washings, the effect is better, the more washing becomes whiter, the more washing becomes brighter, and the stilbene triazine Optical brightener, after repeated use, will make the fabric greenish, darker, and decrease the whiteness. It is insoluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons, but can be dispersed. The granular product of this product has a larger average particle size and is an environmentally friendly product.

Uses: Mainly used in high-grade synthetic laundry detergents. Super concentrated liquid detergents, also used in soaps. Soap whitening, and also used in fabric softeners and finishing agents. It can act alone or according to different needs. Used in conjunction with other types of Optical brightener. Use exhaust dyeing and pad dyeing method to dye cotton, exhaust dyeing method to dye wool, use exhaust dyeing method when dyeing nylon. Pad dyeing heat fixation method. Acid pad dyeing method or solvent pad dyeing method can also dye silk with excellent fastness . The affinity for cotton is low to medium, and the affinity for wool, silk and nylon is high.

Suggested dosage:

 1. In the synthetic detergent, it is recommended to add as follows:

Detergent type dosage/% Detergent type dosage/%

Ordinary washing powder 0.05-0.25 Laundry soap 0.05-0.15

Concentrated washing powder 0.10-0.40 Soap 0.05-0.15

Liquid detergent 0.05-0.40 Soft rinsing agent 0.02-0.05

Industrial cleaning agent 0.20-1.00 emulsion 0.05-0.15

2. Application in printing and dyeing: the yellowing point of 1:20 bath ratio is 0.3%, and the yellowing point of 1:40 is 0.5%.

Packing: cardboard drum or carton, net weight 25 kg per piece.

Optical brightener CBS-X Liquid

Appearance: light yellow-green transparent highly fluid liquid

Ultraviolet absorption: 114~228

Maximum absorption wavelength: 349nm

Performance characteristics: environmentally friendly products, avoid dust pollution during use, easy to use, easily soluble in water, and can be mixed with water in any ratio.

Uses: Suitable for liquid detergents, soaps, soaps and other washing products, and can also be directly used for optical brightening of cotton, linen, silk, wool, nylon and nylon at room temperature.

Suggested Dosage: It can be directly added to the slurry when used in detergents, and can also be used directly for fabric whitening. The amount of UV absorption varies greatly.

Packing: 200kg plastic drum, single piece net weight 230kg; 1 cubic ton drum, single piece net weight 1100kg.

Optical Brightener CBS-X.jpg

optical brightener CBS-X.jpg

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