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Optical Brightener KSN

Optical brightener KSN is a benzoxazole compound, and its appearance is a yellow crystalline powder with a melting point of 271℃, insoluble in water, odorless, and stable in performance. Optical brightener KSN is often used in high grade plastics that require extremely high whiteness.

Product Cate:Optical Brightening Agent For Plastic

Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent KSN

Chemical Name:4.4-bis(5-methyl-2-benzoxoazol)-ethylene

CAS No.:5242-49-9

C.I. No.:368

Molecular Formula:C30H22N2O2 


1. being highly whiteness with small usage. 

2. multipurpose used for whitening of polyester fiber and plastic. 

3. having a good compatibility and good fastness to light and sublimation. Can be used for high temperature process.

Treating ProcessOverlay plastic:0.5-2g/100kg 

Polyester fiber:10-20g

Package20kg cardboard drum

Technical IndexAppearance: greenish yellow powder 

Melting process: 300~320°C 

Ash content:≤0.5% 


Volatile content:≤0.5% 

Fineness(300 mesh):100% 


Optical brightener KSN mainly be used in whitening of polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile fiber, the plastic film and all plastic pressing process. Can suitable for synthesizing high polymer including polymeric process.

Optical brightener KSN, also known as fluorescent brightener KSN. CAS NO 5242-49-9, content (%) 99.Optical brightener KSN for Plastic and polyester fiber in the world.Optical brightener KSN price has been rising due to the rising price of r...
The Optical brightener KSN has a similar chemical structure to Optical brightener OB-1, but it has a better whitening effect on polyester fibers and plastic products than Optical brightener OB-1, and its compatibility with plastics is also ...
The optical brightener KSN has a similar chemical structure to optical brightener OB-1, but it has a better whitening effect on polyester fibers and plastic products than optical brightener OB-1, and it has better compatibility with plastic...
The optical brightener KSN is a benzoxazole compound. It is an excellent upgrade product among many optical brighteners. It has a blue-violet color and excellent light resistance. It is suitable for all plastics, especially in synthetic fib...
The Rubber Optical Brightener KSN is mainly used for outdoor rubber, with good weather resistance and excellent stability.In some countries,the customers also called it Optical Brightener KS.
China and India are the two big production bases in the world,China has the full optical brighteners products series,and India has some water solved optical brighteners.