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China Optical Brightener KSN 368 CAS NO.:5242-49-9 for plastics

The optical brightener KSN has a similar chemical structure to optical brightener OB-1, but it has a better whitening effect on polyester fibers and plastic products than optical brightener OB-1, and it has better compatibility with plastics than OB-1, and it is used in a small amount.It Can produce very good whitening effect, which is far from optical brightener OB-1.

  • Brand: Raytop
  • Appearance: Yellow Green
  • Purity: 98.5%
  • Color shade: Blue
  • Finess: 300 mesh
  • Package: 10kg/25kg per fiber drum
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Transport: by sea or by air
  • Solubility: water or solvent
Call Us: +86-15854199366

The Optical brightener KSN is a benzoxazole compound. It is an excellent upgrade product among many Optical brighteners. It has a blue-violet color and excellent light resistance. It is suitable for all plastics, especially in synthetic fibers. White effect. At the same time, it can also be used for whitening and brightening color materials in coatings, paints, inks and other industries. The Optical brightener KSN has the characteristics of convenient application, minimum dosage and best effect.

Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent KSN

Chemical Name:4.4-bis(5-methyl-2-benzoxoazol)-ethylene

CAS No.:5242-49-9

C.I. :No.368

Molecular Formula:C30H22N2O2 

Appearance: greenish yellow powder 

Melting process: 300~320°C 

Ash content:≤0.5% 


Volatile content:≤0.5% 

Fineness(300 mesh):100% 


Performance and characteristics:

1. The dosage is small, the whitening strength is high, and a small amount can produce a very good whitening effect. 2. Wide application performance, widely used in whitening polyester and other chemical fibers and various plastics. 3. It has good compatibility with plastics, high temperature resistance and excellent light and weather resistance. Scope of application 1. It is suitable for whitening polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile and other fibers, silk fabrics and wool fabrics.

2. It is widely used in film, injection molding and extrusion molding materials, and is suitable for processing all plastics.

3. It is very suitable for whitening in any processing stage of synthetic high polymer, including the polymerization stage. Use the Chemicalbook method to make the fluorescent whitening agent KSN equal to 0.01-0.05% of the weight of the plastic or polyester pellets, and mix it with the materials thoroughly before molding and processing of various plastics or before drawing the polyester fiber.

Recommended dosage:

Add 2-30g of KSN brightener for every 100kg of material.

1. Add 0.5~2g to transparent plastic.

2. The amount of polyester fiber added is 10-20g. Fluorescent brightener KSN has a similar chemical structure to OB-1, but it has a better whitening effect on polyester fibers and plastic products than OB-1, and its compatibility with plastics is better than OB-1. The dosage can produce very good whitening effect, which is far less than OB-1. KSN not only has excellent high temperature resistance, but also has excellent resistance to sunlight and weather. The fluorescent whitening agent KSN is also suitable for polyamide and polypropylene. It is used for all plastics, especially in synthetic fibers. It has a strong whitening effect. It can also be used for color whitening and brightening in coatings, inks, paints and other industries.

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