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Optical Brightener KCB

Optical brightener KCB is mainly used for the brightening of synthetic fibers and plastics, and has an obvious effect of increasing the beauty of colored plastic products. It is widely used in EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer) and is the first type of Optical brightener in sports shoes.


Product Cate:Optical Brightening Agent KCB For Plastic

Product Name:Optical Brightener KCB

Chemical Name:1,4-Bis(2-benzoxazoly)naphthalene

CAS No.:5089-22-5

C.I. No.:367

Molecular Formula:C24H14N2O2

Molecular Weight:362

Properties:Comprehensive application field, good compatibility with all kinds of plastic, excellent stability under all kinds of climate.

Appearance:yellow crystalline powder 

Melting Point:210-212°C 


Maximum UV Absorption Spectrum:370nm

Optical brightener KCB Uses:

mainly be used in whitening of synthetic fiber and plastic products, especially good at whitening of EVA.

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Optical brightener KCB plays an important role in the whitness of EVA foam. For EVA foamed soles, whether in terms of theory or practical experience, the optical brightener KCB is the most suitable.It has blue purple color shade and melting...
From the analysis of temperature resistance, shade, stability, and process, the OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB C.I. NO.:367 CAS NO.:5089-22-5 is the most suitable EVA foam shoe material.
The optical brightener KCB is mainly used for the whitening of synthetic fibers and plastic products. It also has a significant brightening effect on colored plastic products. It is widely used in plastic films, film molding materials, inje...
But in the market, optical brightener KCB is mostly popular for EVA,from last week Optical Brightener KCB price suddenly increased,that is because KCB acid factory has some problem,can not supply as usual which case the market panic.Moreove...
We must know that the influence of bubbles in the foaming of shoe materials is very important, so the fluorescent brightener must meet the production process of foaming shoe materials. Here, it is recommended to use the fluorescent brighte...
Optical brightener KCB, also known as fluorescent brightener KCB 367, is mainly used for the whitening of EVA foamed shoe materials, synthetic fibers and plastics. It can be used for the whitening of plastic films, compression molding mater...
OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB,light resistance and heat resistance are very good.be widely usd in EVA sole,has a good whitening effect.Among all the optical brighteners, only OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB can use in EVA foam.The temperature of eva moldin...