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OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB C.I. NO.:367 CAS NO.:5089-22-5 used for EVA shoes

Yellow Green
Color shade
300 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent

From the analysis of temperature resistance, shade, stability, and process, the OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB C.I. NO.:367 CAS NO.:5089-22-5 is the most suitable EVA foam shoe material.

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EVA is a random copolymer composed of non-polar, crystalline ethylene monomer and strong polar, non-crystalline vinyl acetate monomer (also known as VA). It has good flexibility, low temperature resistance, and impact resistance. Strength, environmental stress crack resistance and other properties.

EVA materials have been widely used in shoe materials for a long time. Its blended foamed shoe materials have the properties of softness, good elasticity, shock absorption, chemical resistance, etc., and are widely used in medium and high-end tourist shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals soles and other aspects.

The current applications in this area are mainly concentrated in provinces and cities such as Guangdong and Fujian, especially the developed shoe material industry in Jinjiang, Fujian, followed by shoe material processing companies in Dongguan, Guangdong, large and small, which have strongly driven the growth of the consumer market for EVA materials.

So, in terms of shoe materials, what are the commonly used EVA manufacturers? To this end, the editor collected feedback from a number of shoe material professionals, and obtained the following list of manufacturers of EVA materials commonly used in shoes.

In addition, EVA uses 18% (VA content), 21%, 26%, 33%, and 40% in shoe materials. Among them, 26% and 33% have the most applications. Therefore, we also listed each the relevant brands of commonly used manufacturers are for your reference and study only.

 1. Formosa Plastics

Formosa Plastics is the abbreviation of Taiwan Plastics Industry Corporation, with a production capacity of 260,000 tons/year, accounting for approximately 8.74% of the total global production capacity.

Formosa Plastics EVA has always occupied a pivotal low position in the domestic EVA application field. According to preliminary statistics, EVA from Taiwan in 2015 was 198,000 tons, accounting for 22.21% of the total domestic EVA imports.

2. Yangtze-BASF

Yangzi-BASF was jointly funded by Yangzi Petrochemical and BASF at the end of 2005. It has an EVA production facility with a capacity of 200,000 t/a, which uses Basell’s high-pressure tubular process technology. The unique cold flow design of the device improves the conversion rate of the reaction and enables the device to produce EVA resin with VA content ranging from 4% to 28%.

Yamba Company’s EVA resin is mainly film material, foam material and cable material. The main product brands are V5110J, V4110J, V4110F, V5110K, V6110M, V7470M, etc. Among them, V5110J and V6110J are used more in shoe materials, which are EVA varieties with VA content of 18% and 26% respectively.

3. DuPont, USA

U.S. DuPont is currently the world's largest EVA resin manufacturer, with a production capacity of 277,000 tons per year, accounting for approximately 9.31% of the world's total production capacity.

4. South Korea LG

South Korea’s LG Chem’s EVA production capacity is 145,000 tons/year, and some of its related brands are as follows:

5. Mitsui, Japan

6. South Korea's Samsung Total

7. Thailand Petrochemical

8. Singapore Polyolefin

9. Taiwan Poly

10. Taiwan Asia Poly

Taiwan Yaju is the abbreviation of Asia Aggregation Co., Ltd., 

In addition to the above ten EVA manufacturers, other EVA manufacturers commonly used in shoe materials include Yanshan Petrochemical, Lianhong, Shenghong and so on.

 EVA foam is pure white, and theoretically requires equal reflection of all kinds of light. To achieve this effect, it is actually very difficult. Our common white objects are often slightly yellow, blue or red. The preparation of white EVA foam plastic generally uses titanium dioxide to cover the light yellow of the material itself, and play a role in whitening and coloring. But the whiteness of titanium dioxide itself is not ideal, always with some yellowish shade. For this reason, a small amount of ultramarine blue is often added to the titanium dioxide to cover the yellow light waves reflected by the EVA foam, but the use of ultramarine blue will weaken the brightness of the EVA color and appear dark. Therefore, the whitening system of titanium dioxide and ultramarine blue is not white enough, and the visual effect is not ideal. In order to achieve visually white and bright effects, fluorescent brighteners must be used.

From the analysis of temperature resistance, shade, stability, and process, the OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB is the most suitable EVA foam shoe material. The following are the characteristics and characteristics of the OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB for your reference.

Product Name:Optical Brightener KCB

Chemical Name:1,4-Bis(2-benzoxazoly)naphthalene

CAS No.:5089-22-5

C.I. No.:367

Molecular Formula:C24H14N2O2

Molecular Weight:362


Comprehensive application field, good compatibility with all kinds of plastic, excellent stability under all kinds of climate.

Appearance:yellow crystalline powder 

Melting Point:210-212°C 


Maximum UV Absorption Spectrum:370nm


mainly be used in whitening of synthetic fiber and plastic products, especially good at whitening of EVA.


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