What are the differences between fluorescent brightener OB and OB-1?

2021-07-30 11:19:23

Fluorescent whitening agents OB and OB-1 are very similar in name, but their application fields and methods are still very large. Today, I will analyze the specific differences between the two fluorescent whitening agents


Fluorescent brightener ob

Molecular formula: c26h26so2n2

Molecular weight: 430.5618


CAS NO:7128-64-5

Appearance: light yellow powder

Melting point: 196-203 ℃

Decomposition temperature: over 220 ℃

Standard: Hg / t4707-2014

Color light: bright blue light

UV absorption: 1100-1200

Volatile matter: ≤ 0.2%

Ash content: ≤ 0.3%

Transmittance: 450nm ≥ 96%, 500nm ≥ 97%

Fineness: through 100 mesh

Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB has stable chemical properties and high whiteness. It is widely used in many fields, such as plastics, paint and ink. Fluorescent whitening agent ob can keep the product for 3-5 years without fading, so manufacturers with higher requirements for product grade will generally choose fluorescent whitening agent ob.

Fluorescent brightener ob

Fluorescent brightener OB-1


Molecular formula: c28h18n2o2

Molecular weight: 414.4547



Appearance: bright yellow green crystalline powder

Color light: blue light or blue violet light

Melting point: 350-355 ℃

Content: ≥ 98%

Fineness: ≥ 200 mesh

UV absorption: ≥ 2000

Volatile matter: ≤ 1%

Ash content: ≤ 1%

Fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 is a professional chemical additive in plastics. There are two kinds of hues, OB-1 green and OB-1 yellow. Fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 is the most heat-resistant one among all whitening agents. Most plastics and engineering plastics are used more, and the price is a little cheaper than ob.

Fluorescent brightener OB-1

The above is the difference between Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB and OB-1. The choice of whitening agent depends on the product. Try it several times.

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