Phosphorescent pigment uses

Phosphorescent pigment uses
Phosphorescent pigment uses
Yellow Green
Color shade
400-800 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent
Phosphorescent pigment uses a lot. Mainly because of the strong ability of self-illumination. If you have a lot of creative ideas, you can have as many Phosphorescent pigment uses. The main use of Phosphorescent pigment is always related to trends and fashion. If you want to purchase Phosphorescent pigment, please contact us to develop more possibilities of it together.

Material:strontium aluminate

Appereance:yellowish powder

CAS No.:12004-37-4

EINECS No.:234-455-3

Usage:Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment, Cosmetic Pigment, Ink Pigments, Plastic & Rubber Pigment, Spray painting pigment;brushing

Other name:Glow In The Dark Pigment

Color in dark:yellow-green, blue-green, purple, skye-blue,etc

Application:coating pigment; ink pigment;

Partice size:5-15um,25-35um,45-55um,65-85um,etc.

Feature:glow in dark after absorbing light

Photoluminescent pigment hs code is 32065000.00

Photoluminescent pigment is a powdery photoluminescent luminescent material. Usually, the sulfide of zinc, calcium, barium or strontium, a small amount of flux (such as sodium chloride) and a small amount of activator are transferred from blue to red, and copper is used as an activator to transfer from green to red.

Photoluminescence refers to the phenomenon that objects rely on external light sources for irradiation to obtain energy and produce excitation that leads to luminescence, such as phosphorescence and fluorescence.

Photoluminescent pigment is a new rare earth aluminate material in the market. It is based on the traditional rare earth aluminate luminescent material by adding high-temperature additives and other external ions. It adopts a unique formula and treatment process. Refined, the appearance is light green and light yellow powder, and the luminous colors are yellow-green, blue-green and green respectively. It has a strong absorption capacity for short-wave visible light with a wavelength below 450 nanometers. By absorbing various natural light or artificial light, it can realize Self-luminous function in the dark state, and can be used indefinitely. The initial high brightness of the luminescent material can reach more than 2-3 hours, the luminous curve of the shoulder is gentle, and the afterglow duration can reach more than 10 hours, which has a very high The practical value and usage are completely different from the traditional zinc sulfide short-acting luminescent powder.

Photoluminescent pigment, a self-luminous material, realizes the function of automatically emitting light in dark places by absorbing various visible lights in bright places, and can be recycled indefinitely. There are many uses for photoluminescent pigment. Because hotoluminescent pigment is non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive, it can be used as an additive to evenly distribute in various transparent media, such as rubber, plastic, ink, printing paste, resin, glass, ceramic glaze, paint, etc. Realize the self-illumination function of the medium, and present good low-level lighting, indication signs and decorative beautification effects.

Packing: The product is packed in a waterproof plastic bag with desiccant added; the outer packing is packed in a cardboard box or iron drum, and other forms of packing can also be used according to customer requirements.

Transportation: Prevent mechanical collision and extrusion during transportation, keep the package intact, prevent the sun and rain, and do not stand upside down.

Storage: It should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment, and pay attention to moisture.

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