Optical Brightener Agent OB for automotive paint

Optical Brightener Agent OB for automotive paint
If the manufacturers of paints and coatings do not have strict requirements for the whiteness of products, the whiteness of products is not enough, and the products are prone to yellowing in the later stage, the manufacturers have been troubled. This is because of the high and low quality of spray paint and the important role of optical brightener ob. Next, I will introduce the magical effect of optical brightener ob in automotive paint.

With the continuous improvement and development of people's living standards, the requirements for visual senses are becoming higher and higher. When we see vehicles coming and going on the street, luxury cars and ordinary cars can be distinguished at a glance. Without looking at the logo, the first thing we see is the appearance of the car, which looks very dazzling. The fundamental difference is the different paint used by the car.

If the manufacturer of paint and coating has strict requirements on the whiteness of the product, the whiteness of the product is not enough, and it is easy to turn yellow in the later stage, which has been bothering the manufacturer. This is because the quality of spray paint and fluorescent whitening agent play a crucial role. Next, I will introduce the magical effect of fluorescent whitening agent in automotive paint.

As one of the most important visual feedback to a car, car paint will be paid extra attention by consumers when buying a car. Moreover, different people have different pursuits for both the color and the texture of the car paint. Therefore, many kinds of car paint have been derived during the development of the car for so many years, making the car color more beautiful and colorful.

So, what are the different types of automotive paint?


The first , optical brightener OB for ordinary car paint. 

As the name suggests, common paint is the most common kind of car paint, and belongs to the most basic car paint. Its synthetic materials include resins, pigments, optical brighteners and other additives. For example, the most common white, bright red and yellow are common paints.Optical brightener ob plays an obvious role in increasing visual impact. Because of the huge car sales, it brings great market potential to car paint.

Second, optical brightener OB for metallic paint. 

Compared with ordinary car paint, metal paint is mixed with some metal powder in the ordinary paint to make the whole paint effect have metal texture in the sun. It will make the color of your car more beautiful. In the strong light, you will see metal particles one by one. Here, the optical brightener also plays a certain role, which is particularly bright and shiny.

The role of OB will make the metal texture more obvious and make consumers feel different. A good car paint image deepens the impression and vitality of the car brand.

The third kind,optical brightener OB for pearlescent paint. 

Compared with metallic paint, pearlescent paint adds mica particles into ordinary paint. Mica is a very thin piece of material. The directionality of reflection leads to colorful visual effects. Pearlescent paint is the best of the three kinds of paint, and it is also the best reflective paint. It also has the most ingredients and strong antioxidant capacity. It usually appears on high-end models. However, this kind of paint repair is troublesome and the cost is relatively high.

The main function of OB is to enhance the visual effect. Different visual effects have different formulas, which can be better applied to different automobile series.

The fourth ,optical brightener OB for matte paint. 

Matte paint is mainly varnish mixed with a proper amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. Its gloss will vary according to the amount of matting agent. Therefore, the cost of a good-looking matte paint is higher than that of other paints. Moreover, it often appears in the special paint of some top performance vehicles, and the price of optional installation is relatively high. However, the matte paint has the advantages of soft glossiness, smoothness, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance and high quality, which makes it deeply loved by most performance car lovers.

Role of optical brightener OB in automotive paint

Optical brightener ob has been widely used in white or color automotive paint. The fluorescent brightener can absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue purple fluorescence, so it can mix with the yellow light on the surface of the paint film and turn into white light, which makes the surface of the paint film tend to be totally reflective. Visually, the white paint looks more white and bright, and the color paint looks more gorgeous and eye-catching, greatly improving the appearance of the product.

Another use of optical brightener OB in automotive paint is to use its function of absorbing ultraviolet light and emitting blue purple fluorescence. It can improve the whiteness of white paint or the brightness of color paint, reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to pigments in automotive paint, and improve the light resistance of automotive paint Extend the service life of automotive paint in outdoor and sunlight environment.

Select a professional optical brightener manufacturer

There are also many categories of optical brighteners. There are more than a dozen kinds of brighteners used in paint, and more are used in car paint. The prices range from more than a dozen yuan to several hundred yuan. They are mainly based on the performance requirements of their own products. The higher the requirements, the more high-grade brighteners are selected. Although they are more expensive to use, they bring different values in the later stage. This is more suitable for brand products, The optical brightener OB specially developed by our company for automotive paint and coating has exceeded the market by more than 2 times in whiteness and weather resistance. As the raw materials for the production of brightener are also produced by ourselves, they have more advantages in price. When we choose, we compare two more, and choosing a product suitable for ourselves is the king.

No matter what kind of automotive paint, no matter what kind of visual effect, although the formula will be different, optical brighteners will be used more or less. How do you feel when you see someone driving a car with yellow paint on the busy street? If your car has started to turn yellow, will you repaint it?

I believe you already have the answer in your heart.

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