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Fluorescent brightening agent OB/OB-1/FP-127 for recycle plastics

Yellow Green Powder
Color shade
400-800 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
Molecular formula
Color light
solvent solubility

There are also many kinds of fluorescent brightening agentused in waste plastic products on the market. General waste plastics use fluorescent brightening agent OB-1, in special case use fluorescent brightening agent 127 or fluorescent brightening agent OB.

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Why waste plastics can be recycled?

Waste plastics are the recycled materials, but relatively speaking, the overall performance and attributes of waste plastics are not as good as new materials. But not all plastic products need such comprehensive performance. According to the performance requirements of a certain plastic product, waste plastics can be recycled because of a certain aspect is processed to produce corresponding plastic products.

What's the problems of the recycle plastics?

The price of waste plastic is extremely cheap, and its quality will not be a problem. However, due to various environmental factors and human action, waste plastics have a gray or yellow appearance. The products produced without treatment have a dark yellow appearance and poor weather resistance, which seriously affects sales.In order to solve the problems,most manufacturers will choose to add various additives to improve product quality.

Why the fluorescent brightening agent can improve the recycle plastics?

Among them, the fluorescent brightening agent is extremely important in the process of improve waste plastics. After adding the waste plastic products with fluorescent brightening agent, the whiteness and brightness of the products have been greatly improved.

Why only fluorescent brightening agent can make waste plastic look new? Because fluorescent brightening agent 's unique fluorescent function can absorb ultraviolet light in natural light, and then convert it into blue-violet fluorescence and emit it.

Blue and yellow are complementary colors. When the light waves emitted by the two are the same, the blue light and yellow light mix to emit white light, so the fluorescent brightening agent can make the product bright and white.

Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the naked eye. When it is converted into blue light, it virtually increases the total amount of reflection of the item, which has a brightening effect.

What kind of fluorescent brightening agent suitable for recycle plastics?

So, since the fluorescent brightening agent can have the effect of whitening and brightening.Is any type of fluorescent brightening agent suitable for use in waste plastics? There are many types of fluorescent brightening agent. For products with different properties, only the correct type of brightener can be used to make the fluorescent brightener exert its best effect.

There are also many kinds of fluorescent brightening agentused in waste plastic products on the market. General waste plastics use fluorescent brightening agent OB-1, in special case use fluorescent brightening agent 127 or fluorescent brightening agent OB. 

So what are the characteristics of these three models fluorescent brightening agent for waste plastics?

  1. The price of fluorescent brightening agent OB-1 is close to the people. The whiteness is good, and a small amount of addition will have a good whiteness. The disadvantage is that the soft glue should be used very carefully.

    Fluorescent brightener ob-1.JPG

2. The fluorescent brightening agent FP-127 makes up for the deficiency of OB-1 in PVC soft plastic material, and is more suitable for PVC soft plastic material.


3. If it is a transparent plastic or a special plastic, consider using fluorescent brightening agent OB, because fluorescent brightening agent OB has good compatibility, good weather resistance, and a wide range of applications.


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