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plastic master batch manufacturers

Yellow Green
Color shade
300 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent

Raytop is the professinal plastic master batch manufacturers,with a rich product system, such as black masterbatch, white masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch, filling masterbatch, color masterbatch and optical brightener masterbatch, etc.

Call Us: +86-15854199366

We are plastic master batch manufacturers china.We provide high quality plastic master batch for export all over the world.

What is the plastic master batch?

There are many varieties of plastic master batches with different ingredients. They have become patented technologies and varieties: In summary, masterbatches have become a type of special materials, also known as special preparations, usually composed of a specific material, carrier resin and various additives The basic element composition is the aggregation obtained by uniformly loading the ultra-constant specific raw materials in the resin. It is a high-concentration specific raw material concentrate, which is convenient to use in the form of granules. Therefore, the types, proportions, mixing processing methods, and use methods, proportions with polymers, and processing methods of additives used have become the most important factors that directly affect plastic processing methods, product performance, and applications. , Composition, proportioning, manufacturing and other technologies have become research topics, and various Chinese products have also become patented products of large companies.

Plastic master batch varieties include: 

(1). Filling masterbatch; (2). Color masterbatch; (3). Flame retardant masterbatch; (4). Polyolefin stabilized masterbatch; (5). Function for agricultural film Sex masterbatch; (6). Other special masterbatch. There are dozens of kinds of plastic masterbatches. Moreover, with the expansion of plastic varieties and applications and the refinement of the performance requirements of plastic processing products, the variety and quantity of plastic masterbatches will increase.

China is a big country of plastic master batch manufacturers

There are many plastic master batch manufacturers and suppliers in China. Rotop is one of the largest plastic master batch manufacturers.

China is a country with a large production volume of plastics in the world today, and the annual output of various plastic products has exceeded 21 million tons. At least 2.1 million tons of ultrafine powder mineral fillers are used in various plastic products every year.China is still a big agricultural country, and the annual use of plastic shed film is more than 1.4 million tons (the annual demand for mulch is more than 600,000 tons, and the annual use of agricultural plastic products is more than 3 million tons.That's why China have lots of plastic master batch manufacturers.

PLastic master batch has many uses

The annual output of plastic packaging materials in my country is more than 3.6 million tons, and the annual output of daily-use plastic products is about 3.2 million tons. Other products include disposable medical products, artificial organs using plastics, repairing and embedding polymer materials, and cultural plastics. Products, plastic products for entertainment. The annual amount of plastic used in my country's construction plastic products and industrial accessories (automobiles, communications, computers, home appliances, wires and cables) is even more amazing.

The processing and manufacturing of these plastic products is inseparable from the production of plastic master batches. Therefore, the development and production of plastic master batches is a large-scale, diverse and promising industry in my country and the world.

Raytop is the professinal plastic master batch manufacturers,As a professional plastic master batch manufacturer,we have a rich product system, such as black masterbatch, white masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch, filling masterbatch, color masterbatch and optical brightener masterbatch, etc.


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