PVC application use Titanium Dioxide

2023-10-24 14:10:00

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is a common inorganic white pigment, typically used as a coloring agent and whitener in products such as paints, coatings, plastics, paper, ink, rubber, and glass. It possesses good covering power, weather resistance, and chemical stability, often employed to enhance the brightness and vividness of various products.

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Titanium usde for PVC

Titanium dioxide is an important white inorganic pigment widely used in various fields, especially significant in its application to PVC plastics. As a whitening agent, titanium dioxide not only enhances the whiteness and brightness of PVC products but also effectively improves their covering power and color stability. In the production process of PVC products, the addition of titanium dioxide can effectively cover the color of the material itself, presenting an elegant white surface, and can effectively conceal any impurity color that may exist in the raw material. Moreover, the application of titanium dioxide in PVC plastics also helps to improve the weather resistance and light resistance of the products, effectively preventing material degradation and aging caused by UV rays, thereby extending the service life of PVC products. Overall, titanium dioxide, as an indispensable component in PVC plastics, endows them with superior physical properties and a pleasing appearance, promoting the widespread application of PVC products in construction, home decor, medical equipment, and other fields.

Rutile Titanium Dioxide data sheet 



Rutile Titanium Dioxide for PVC Plastics

Titanium Dioxide Content


Rutile Content


Particle Size

0.2-0.4 microns

Oil Solubility


pH Value


Volatile Matter

Below 0.5%

Specific Surface Area

5-10 square meters/gram

Non-volatile Matter

Above 99.5%

Coating Adaptability


Weather Resistance



High whiteness, bright color

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What's the differences between rutile and anatase titanium dioxide? 

Rutile titanium dioxide has a denser crystal structure, higher refractive index, better whiteness, and stronger weather resistance and covering power, making it suitable for outdoor use and products requiring high weather resistance. 

On the other hand, anatase titanium dioxide has a relatively looser crystal structure, lower refractive index, slightly lower whiteness, but it has good covering power and flexibility, making it suitable for indoor products or applications with lower whiteness requirements. 

Both types have their own advantages in different application fields, and the specific choice depends on the specific properties required for the product and the application environment.

What is the amount of Titanium Dioxide added in PVC profiles? 

The amount of titanium dioxide added in PVC profiles is typically between 2% to 6%, and the specific amount depends on the desired color brightness and the performance requirements of the product.

What kind of package for Titannium Dioxide ?


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