Optical brightener OB can greatly increase the masterbatch whiteness

Optical brightener OB can greatly increase the masterbatch whiteness
At present, as an important additive in plastics industry, whitening masterbatch has developed rapidly in recent years. Masterbatch, as the name suggests, plays the role of whitening and brightening. However, for the same masterbatch, the masterbatch made by some manufacturers is white and glossy, while the masterbatch made by some whitening masterbatch manufacturers is dim. To solve this problem, optical brightness is essential. So, which kind of optical brightener should be chosen for whitening masterbatch? Let's analyze it.

In recent years, the state vigorously promotes environmental protection, and the prices of many raw materials are rising. Many manufacturers, especially plastic manufacturers, will use recycled materials to reduce costs. However, we all know that the appearance of recycled materials is bleak. Many manufacturers will choose to add fluorescent whitening agents to solve the appearance problems, But in some special processes, adding powdered whitening agent is easy to cause dust flying and waste.

So smart manufacturers will choose to add whitening masterbatch directly, but there will be differences in appearance quality of whitening masterbatch. In order to achieve good appearance of whitening masterbatch, it is necessary to add whitening masterbatch brightener in the production process. The appearance of White always occupies the mainstream position of color, because white gives people a clean and tidy feeling, so it is particularly important to add optical brightener agent in whitening masterbatch. So, which kind of optical brightener should be selected? Plastic state suggests using optical brightener OB, which can not only make the whitening masterbatch white and bright, but also increase the weatherability of masterbatch. Some whitening masterbatch manufacturers will produce many products at a time. If the weatherability of the selected fluorescent optical brightener is not good, it will cause great damage to the whitening masterbatch manufacturers. The weatherability of optical brightener ob is the best among many fluorescent brighteners.

Optical brightener OB can greatly increase the brightness and whiteness of masterbatch. It's really a good choice. This small move can help plastic enterprises solve the problem of plastic whiteness.

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