Optical Brightener the most ideal industrial whitening preservation raw material

2022-06-24 09:08:35

After any product is produced and stored for a period of time, the surface color or luster is not as bright as when it was just produced. This is unavoidable for any manufacturer, but a dull and matte product will make customers think it is old goods that have been stored for many years may even be mistaken for second-hand products, so how to avoid or reduce the occurrence of this problem? The best answer is Brightener.


In our daily life,Brighteners are divided into three categories

I.     Covering Brightener

II.   Bleaching Brightener

III. Optical brightener


And optical brightening is our brightener product.As a non-toxic and harmless industrial product, optical brightener has been widely used in plastics industry,textile industry,paper making  industries. It only needs dozens of grams to make hundreds of kilograms and tons of raw materials times whiteness,showing a more vivid appearance and staying longer. So what is the principle of optical brightener?Human eyes generally can only see light with a wavelength of 400 to 700 nm. This wavelength is called the visible band, and this light is called visible light. When the light in the visible band is split, the light that changes from blue-violet (short wavelength) to red (long wavelength) can be seen, which is called the spectrum. Mix all these lights in a certain proportion and the product will look white.


How to choose a optical brightener agent and how much to use is different. Different products in different industries and even different countries use different brighteners. Of course, as an optical brightening supplier, you can consult us, or ask your local supplier related issues.


In terms of origin, there are mainly two origin countries: China and India.


As a world factory, China also has strong strength in the chemical industry. Its products are complete and complete in all types of industries. After years of hard work and development, China accounts for more than 85% of the international market for whitening agents. While India, as a developing labor-intensive country, currently has a small number of fluorescent whitening products in printing, dyeing and washing models, and other countries and regions are only scattered in each country and region, and the industry has not yet formed aggregation.

Because optical brighteners can be used for many products, and it has many different grades, so many people feel hard to know it. Today we will classify optical brighteners from different perspectives.

I. In term of appearance:

PowderOB ,OB-1,FP-127,BA,BBU,CBS-X etc

Granule: CBS-X AMD DMS BBU etc

Liquid: BA-L BBU-L NFW ER-I ER-II etc

II. From the dissolved state:

Water dissolves: CBS-X CXT BA BBU etc

Solvent dissolves: OB OB-1 FP-127 KCB etc

III. From the application industry:

Plastic products: OB, OB-1, FP-127, KCB,KSN

Washing deterget productsCBS-X, CXT, FBCW, DMS, AMS

Textile products: CXT, BA, BBU, 4BK are recommended

Paper productsBA powder/liquid, BBU powder/liquid, hexasulfonic acid liquid


You can see from the above,some optical brighteners not only used for one industry, they can used for two or three different industries, So if you have any doubts about the products use, freely contact with us.

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