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Optical Brightener KSN make plastic extruded board bright white

The characteristic of optical brightness KSN is that it can make plastics white and bright, and it is not easy to fade and turn yellow. Extrusion board is widely used in our daily life. But if the color of the extruded board you produce turns yellow, it will affect your user experience, so how to solve it?

Extrusion board is a widely used wall decoration thermal insulation board, also known as foam board. Plastic extrusion plate is mainly divided into two types: EPS and continuous extrusion XPS. As the third generation of rigid foam insulation material, XPS board overcomes the complicated production process of EPS board, and has the superior performance that EPS board can not replace. It is especially suitable for heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture-proof treatment of buildings, and is one of the construction materials with high quality and low price in the construction industry.

Some manufacturers have batch production of Extruded Boards, which leads to the extrusion boards are easy to precipitate in the process of storage, yellowing, fading and other phenomena, which is very old. At this time, we need to add fluorescent whitening agent to solve this problem. Of course, not all fluorescent brighteners have effect on the whitening of extruded board. Only the fluorescent brightener with good performance and applicability can give full play to the role of brightener. So which type of fluorescent brightener is suitable for extruded board? Next, Zheyuan chemical will introduce a fluorescent whitening agent for extruded board.

The Optical Brightener KSN for extruded board is a benzoxazole compound. Its appearance is yellow crystalline powder. Its melting point is 275 ° c-280 ° C. It is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. It is non-toxic and odorless. It has excellent stability and weather resistance. It can effectively prevent the yellowing of extruded board during storage and emit blue fluorescence of about 450nm, It is complementary to the yellow light in the substrate of the Extrusion board to form a white light, so the feeling of the human eye is that the whiteness and brightness of the object are increased, that is to say, the object is whitened, and the whitening effect is remarkable.

What is Optical Brightener KSN ?

The molecular formula of optical brightness KSN is c30h22n2o2

Molecular weight: 442

Melting point: 275-280 ℃

Content: ≥ 99%

Fineness: through 200 mesh

UV absorption: ≥ 2000

Volatility: ≤ 1%

Ash content: ≤ 1%

Hue: Red

Properties: optical brightener KSN is a benzoxazole compound with yellow green crystalline powder, melting point of 275-280 ℃, odorless, insoluble in water, soluble in acetone, dimethylformamide, mesitylene and toluene, slightly soluble in ethanol, isopropanol and methanol.

Usage: the product has the characteristics of small dosage and high whitening intensity. Very small dosage can produce very good whitening effect. It has stable properties and good compatibility with the whitening matrix. It is mainly used in plastics and polyester (added to polycondensate), and can be used in film, injection molding and extrusion molding materials. It is suitable for whitening at any stage of synthetic resin, and can also be used for whitening of nylon and acrylic fiber.

Dosage: 0.002% - 0.03% in ordinary plastics, 0.0005% - 0.002% in transparent plastics and 0.01% - 0.02% in polyester resin.




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