Nucleating agent for nylon China

Nucleating agent for nylon China
Nucleating agent for nylon China
Yellow Green
Color shade
400-800 mesh
10kg/25kg per fiber drum
Shelf Life
2 years
by sea or by air
water or solvent
We provide high quality nucleating agent for nylon. We are nucleating agent manufacturer and supplier in China. This has been a very efficient nucleating agent.

The combination of nylon material and metal parts is generally linked by heat fusion or interference fit. For hot melt, this can improve the bonding strength from two aspects. One is on the metal parts. When selecting metal inserts, use threaded or bayonet metal inserts. In the selection of nylon injection molding, choose to add nucleating agent to shorten the shrinkage cycle of nylon, or choose to enhance the nylon (glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.) to improve the nylon strength. This makes the metal insert less likely to pull out or slip in the nylon material.


What is the effect of adding a nucleating agent to nylon 6?

Nucleating agent for nylon can shorten the molding cycle, improve product transparency, surface gloss, tensile strength, rigidity, heat distortion temperature, New functional additives for physical and mechanical properties such as impact resistance and creep resistance.

How nucleating agents work

In the process of polymer crystallization, it is believed that the substance added to promote crystallization acts as a crystal nucleus during the recrystallization process, so it is called a nucleating agent. It is actually an impurity artificially added in the process of polymer crystallization. . In the molten state, since the nucleating agent provides the required crystal nucleus, the polymer is transformed from the original homogeneous nucleation to the heterogeneous nucleation, thereby accelerating the crystallization rate, refining the grain structure, and helping to improve the product. Improve the rigidity of the polymer, shorten the molding cycle, maintain the dimensional stability of the final product, improve the physical and mechanical properties of the polymer, such as stiffness, modulus, etc., shorten the processing cycle, etc. On the other hand, due to the existence of two phases of crystalline region and amorphous region in the crystalline polymer, visible light is birefringent at the interface of the two phases and cannot be directly transmitted, so the general crystal size becomes smaller, the possibility of light transmission increases, and the polymer The transparency is increased, and the performance gloss is improved.

What is the main ingredient of nucleating agent for nylon?

Nucleating agent for nylon is a high-efficiency organic nucleating agent whose main component is calcium aryl sulfonate. It is a special nucleating agent designed and synthesized for PA6/PA66 according to the molecular structure of PA. The nucleating agent for nylon is not only outstanding in the application of pure resin, but it is easy to stick to the mold when multiple thin-walled parts are molded in one mold before PA resin or enhanced PA system and flame retardant PA system, and the material requires extremely high fluidity or extreme resistance. Fast crystallization speed, adding a small amount of nucleating agent to these formulations can greatly increase the crystallization temperature of PA, making it extremely fast crystallization speed, thereby shortening the molding cycle. Compared with foreign counterparts such as CAV102 and P22, the results are remarkable, and the nucleating agent has also solved the sticking problem well.

Product introduction of nucleating agent for nylon:

Nucleating agent for nylon is a modified nucleating agent suitable for nylon. It has excellent thermal stability, chemical inertness and dispersibility. In nylon processing, it can promote crystallization, improve crystallization temperature and mold release, and shorten molding cycle. .

Nucleating agent for nylon Product properties:

Appearance is white powder, insoluble in water.

How to use nucleating agent?

When the nucleating agent is used, it has a good effect after being extruded and granulated with nylon resin. It can also be used directly with the resin. Mix the product with the resin evenly, and then inject or extrude it.

The optimum amount of nucleating agent added is about 0.2-1.0%, depending on the type of polymer and the desired properties of the final product. It can be directly added or used as masterbatch.

Nucleating agent for nylon Application

  • 1) When this product is added to nylon, the amorphous powder can be easily separated into very fine particles, and then play a very effective nucleation effect to form fine particles.Resulting in a uniform crystal structure. It has the following advantages in injection molding: improving demolding, shortening molding cycle, increasing productivity; improving product size Stability; reduce product post-shrinkage; prevent product stress cracking; improve mechanical properties (increase tensile strength and flexural modulus);

  • 2) These improved properties not only exist in unreinforced nylon, but also in reinforced nylon, which can form a more fine and uniform crystal structure in the nylon matrix. Nylon nucleating agent plays the role of crystal nucleus in the crystallization process, increases the probability of heterogeneous nucleation, can change the crystallization temperature and crystal form of the crystalline polymer, accelerate its crystallization rate, reduce the size of spherulites, and improve the performance of the product. .

Nucleating agent for nylon packaging and storage:

This product is packaged in PE bags, with a net weight of 20kg.

Nucleating agent for nylon should be stored in a ventilated, dry and cool place. Pay attention to moisture, light and heat.

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