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China factory supply Optical Brightener OB 184 for plastics

China is the main source of optical brightener OB,and Optical Brightener OB 184 can be used for most of the plastics,its CAS NO.7128-64-7,and melting point is200-202°C

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  • Brand: Raytop
  • Appearance: Yellow Green
  • Purity: 98.5%
  • Color shade: Blue
  • Finess: 300 mesh
  • Package: 10kg/25kg per fiber drum
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
Call Us: +86-15854199366

Optical brightener OB is mainly used in plastic masterbatch, plastic filling masterbatch, and printing ink.In the field of plastics, 

thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics,five general plastics and various engineering plastics have relatively good whitening

and brightening effects,Stable weather resistance.In the field of paint and ink, it mainly increases whiteness, brightness, and vividness.

Improve product quality, improve the wetting effect of products, pigments, and coatings, and the fluorescence intensity is durable,

Let the product last as long as new.

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Product Cate:Optical Brightening Agent For Plastic

Product Name:Optical Brightening Agent OB

Chemical Name:2,5'-Bis[2-(5-tert-buty l-2 benzoxazoly)thiophene

CAS No.:7128-64-5

C.I. No.:184

Molecular Formula:C26H26N2O2N2

Molecular Weight:430

Technical Index:Appearance:slight greenish yellow powder 

Melting Point:200-202°C 


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