What is Photoluminescent Pigment ?

What is Photoluminescent Pigment ?
The potoluminescent pigment made of rare earth,can glow in the dark for a long time,which has a wide application,can be used for Plastics ,Ceramics,Paint and coating,Arts and crafts,Special printing industry.

What is Photoluminescent Pigment?

Photoluminescent Pigment powder, also known as pigment glow in the dark, is made of rare earth through refining and sintering. There are mainly two kinds of aluminate series and silicate series.

The Photoluminescent Pigment powder can absorb light for 5~10 minutes under sunlight or light irradiation, then convert the absorbed light energy and store it , and convert the stored energy into light energy to emit light in the dark, which can effectively Continuous luminescence (luminous brightness greater than 10 mcd/m2) for more than 3 hours, and the time for the luminous brightness to decay to the lower limit of human visual observation (0.32mcd/m2) for more than 8 hours.It has stable chemical properties, light absorption, light storage, glow in the dark process Can be repeated.

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What’s the characteristic of Photoluminescent Pigment powder?

1. Density ρ≈3.6g/cm32. Small particle size, uniform particle size distribution, easy production and processing

2. Luminous color: yellow-green, blue-green, sky blue (blue), purple, red, yellow, white, color, especially yellow-green light with high  brightness.

3. Short excitation time and wide excitation wavelength range (200-450nm);

4. Does not contain any radioactive elements, harmful heavy metal elements, chemical substances, non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, non-explosive, absolutely safe for use in all walks of life;

5. It has high luminous brightness and long afterglow time, which is better than previous light-storage materials (sulfide series); its luminous brightness and afterglow time are more than 10 times higher.

6. Good high and low temperature resistance, can keep performance and luminescence stability below 800 ℃, even at -60 ℃, it will not affect the luminous effect;

7. Excellent weather resistance and light resistance, the luminescent material has no change after being irradiated under a 300W high pressure mercury lamp for 1000 hours, and can be used outdoors;

8. After the luminous powder is coated, the effect is weak in the strong acid and alkali environment, and it is suitable for use in water-based coatings;

9. High chemical resistance, the luminescent material hardly reacts with any organic and inorganic preparations except water;

10. High durability, the luminescent properties of the luminescent material are related to the stable crystal structure, and the properties can be permanently maintained on the premise that the crystal structure is not damaged

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What’s the Application of Photoluminescent Pigment powder?

The luminescent products made of rare earth Photoluminescent Pigment powder as raw materials have unique functions, wide application fields, large market scope, great commercial value, and good social and economic effects.

1) Plastics, rubber and leather industries: luminous switches, buttons, handles, toys, handicrafts, gifts, shoe and hat accessories, clothing accessories, raincoats, safety helmets, stationery, labor protection supplies, etc., as well as various decorative strips, Pressure strips, anti-slip strips, anti-collision strips and other labor protection products.

2) Ceramics, enamel, glass industry: finished products are widely used in fire prevention, safety warning, urban and rural public welfare, decoration, building materials, traffic signals, road signs, aisle instructions, handicrafts in industries, hydrology, transportation, property, scenic spots and other places Wait.

3)Paint and coating industry: The finished products can be used in traffic road standard test, interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings, emergency signs, decoration, decoration, handicrafts, etc.

4) Arts and crafts industry: luminous craft paintings, luminous crystal balls, luminous glass products, luminous crystal sand, luminous painted pottery, luminous ceramics, luminous amber, luminous imitation jade products, luminous inner book handicrafts, etc.

5)Special printing industry: all kinds of luminous ink, printing paste, foaming paste, ceramic decals, glass decals, etc.


How to use Photoluminescent Pigment powder properly?

There are Four points need to pay attention for using Photoluminescent Pigment powder.

1). Avoid to use it in an acidic environment (Al2O3 will neutralize with acid)

2). Avoid to contact with water, try to seal and store,or it will absorb moisture in the air, making the Photoluminescent Pigment powder black and not glowing and agglomerating.

3). Avoid to contact with metal ,or it will affect the unsaturated state of the Photoluminescent Pigment powder and affect the luminescence.

4). Avoid high temperature and high speed friction ,it will change the existing structure of the luminous powder.

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Is Photoluminescent Pigment powder permanent glow?

Photoluminescent Pigment powder does not give a permanent glow. There are two types of Photoluminescent Pigment powder: one is zinc sulfide, which glows for about an hour. One is rare earth, which glows for 4 to 6 hours or 8 to 12 hours.

The luminance decay characteristic of Photoluminescent Pigment powder is that it exhibits a cliff-like decay within one hour after the excitation light source stops illuminating. After 10 minutes, the brightness is only 100-500cd/㎡, and after 1 hour, the brightness is 10-100cd/㎡, which is only 1% of the original brightness. At this time, if you don't observe in a completely dark room, it is difficult to see the luminous powder shining.

How to make high strength Photoluminescent Pigment powder?

  1. Features:
    Photoluminescent Pigment powder is different from general fluorescent powder, it is non-radioactive, short light but long light effect, low cost and bright color.

  2. Equipment: 

    Electric furnace, crucible, ball mill, drying equipment.

  3. Formula: 

    Red Photoluminescent Pigment powder: 55 grams of barium sulfate, 40 grams of magnesium sulfate, 2 grams of lithium phosphate, and 3 grams of copper nitrate;

    Photoluminescent Pigment powder: 63g calcium sulfide, 5g sodium sulfate, 5g potassium sulfate, 10g strontium sulfate, 6g sodium chloride, 1g silver nitrate, 10g magnesium sulfide;

    Purple Photoluminescent Pigment powder: 63g calcium sulfide, 26g magnesium sulfide, 10g sodium sulfide, 1g strontium nitrate;

    Green Photoluminescent Pigment powder: calcium sulfide 55g, potassium sulfide 1g, sodium sulfide 10g, barium nitrate 12g, indium nitrate 13g;

    Yellow Photoluminescent Pigment powder: barium sulfide 55g, magnesium sulfide 40g, aluminum sulfide 2g, potassium nitrate 3g.

  4. Finished product:
    After the raw materials are prepared, put the high temperature resistant crucible on the electric furnace to heat, the raw materials are in the pot, and the

    You can directly mix the raw materials and put them on the electric stove without using a pot. The temperature is 133 degrees. After burning for 50 minutes, use your hands.

    Pick out the impurities that are not full color, and then put the fired raw materials in a ball mill and grind them into fine powder, then soak them in water for precipitation.

    Remove the clean water and put the settled powder in a drying oven to dry the finished Photoluminescent Pigment powder.

  5. The industrial product is made in the same way as above, but the reaction vessel is different.

What are the hazards of Photoluminescent Pigment powder?

Photoluminescent Pigment powder with radioactivity is to mix radioactive substances into Photoluminescent Pigment powder, and use the radiation emitted by radioactive substances to excite Photoluminescent Pigment powder to emit light. This kind of Photoluminescent Pigment powder has a long luminous time, but because of toxicity and environmental pollution, etc. , so the scope of application is small.

In addition, for example, rare earth Photoluminescent Pigment powder (silicate, aluminate) is not harmful to the human body, without radiation, and other sulfide luminous powder has radiation, which is harmful to the human body!

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