What are the advantages of optical brightener OB?

2021-03-18 10:57:22

Optical brightener OB is a kind of light yellow powder, which can be widely used in various plastics and paints. Therefore,  optical brightener OB is known as the "popular lover" in the  optical brightener industry.

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In the production and processing of white paint coatings, optical brighteners are indispensable additives. However, paints and coatings have strict requirements for whitening agents. First, the fluorescent whitening agent is required to have good solubility, and secondly, there must be no impurities and precipitation, so as to ensure the whitening effect, and there will be no particles after construction.

Among the many types of plastic optical brighteners, optical brightener OB has the best solubility (higher can reach 6%), while other brighteners will appear turbidity and impurities if they are used in paints and inks. 

In addition, the paint has no temperature requirements during the production process, unless it is a high-temperature paint. The characteristic of the optical brightener OB is that it can be completely decomposed in organic solvents and has good dispersibility. Therefore, the fluorescent brightener OB is also affected by many paints. Favored by paint manufacturers.


There are many types of plastic optical brighteners and a complete range. In addition to optical brightener OB, there are also our common optical brightener FP-127, optical brightener OB-1, optical brightener KCB and so on.

In the production and processing of plastic products, most manufacturers will choose traditional fluorescent whitening agent OB-1, fluorescent whitening agent 127 and other products. These products can be used and the whiteness is relatively good, but in actual production In the process, the plastic is more likely to precipitate yellowing, which affects the appearance of the product. Users who have higher requirements for weather resistance and stability will still choose OPTICAL BRIGHTENER OB.

According to the current market conditions, the price of optical brightener OB is relatively high, and the optical brightener OB has good light transmittance. For many manufacturers of transparent plastic products,optical brightening agent OB is preferred to improve the appearance of the product. Grade.

In summary, the reason why the fluorescent whitening agent OB is favored by many plastic manufacturers and paint and coating manufacturers is that it has good stability, weather resistance, and light transmittance, and has a significant effect on end customers.

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