What Optical Brightener is used for PE calendered film?

2021-03-18 15:37:11

PE calendered film is very common in our lives, and the market is also very large, but what kind of optical brightener to use has to be analyzed by professionals.

The first point is naturally weather resistance, because the rolled film needs to withstand long-term wind, sun and rain, so it has great requirements for weather resistance. Ordinary fluorescent brighteners, although they were just made It is bright and beautiful, but the weather resistance cannot reach the level required by the rolled film, so after a period of use, it is easy to yellow. This is because it reacts with the air and is oxidized by the air to turn yellow. Not only the appearance will become unsightly, but even the quality will be affected. This is one of the reasons why many rolled films are very easy to break after using for a period of time, so when choosing optical brighteners, please consider whether the weather resistance of the optical brightener brighteners can meet the requirements of rolled films. Kind of standard.

The second is the issue of transparency. Many rolled films want to make a transparent effect because they need to observe the internal situation from the outside. Many manufacturers often ignore the transparency of fluorescent brightening agents. After adding many fluorescent whitening agents, not only cannot increase the transparency, but it is also easy to further destroy the transparency. The main reason is the problem of the raw materials of the optical brightening agent, because many optical brighteners are used on opaque plastics, so they are not transparent. Blind purchase will cause opaque problems. So be sure to choose a optical brighteners with good solubility and strong transparency. 

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