Top 10 optical brightener manufacturers in china

Top 10 optical brightener manufacturers in china
Optical brightener is a kind of fluorescent dye, which is a complex organic compound. We share here some of the best 10 optical brightener manufacturers in China.If you are looking for optical brightener manufacturers and factories, these can be your partners.Its characteristic is to absorb the invisible light in the ultraviolet rays and emit visible blue light, which offsets the yellow light of the products, making the product look more whiter.

Optical brightener is a kind of fluorescent dye, which is a complex organic compound. Its characteristic is to absorb the invisible light in the ultraviolet rays and emit visible blue light, which offsets the yellow light of the products, making the product look more whiter.

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With the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the China's economic structure is constantly adjusted, and the mode of economic development is also changing to varying degrees. China's optical brightener research and production have also made great progress. The gap between foreign levels has been narrowing, and new fluorescent brightener products have also been emerging. Driven by market competition, many small factories and loss-making enterprises that did not meet the environmental assessment standards have been eliminated, and they have gradually developed into large-scale, intensive, and specialized production enterprises.

We are optical brightener ob manufacturers in china

Optical brighteners ob have a wide range of industrial applications and good market prospects. They are widely used in plastic products, paints, inks and coatings, chemical fiber textiles, washing detergent, printing, dyeing and paper making. With the rapid development of various fields in the chemical industry, fluorescent whitening agents will play a more important role.

We are also optical brightener ob-1 manufacturers in china

Raytop chemical is a optical brightener manufacturers in china, conforms to the trend of the times and is in line with the current trend. In 2017-2018, we have continuously improved and upgraded environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment equipment. The fluorescent whitening agent produced is environmentally safe and in line with national environmental protection certification. Raytop aims to create the first brand in the application field of optical brighteners. The product formula is continuously upgraded, and the full efficiency can be used efficiently.

The following is the product list of RAYTOP CHEMICAL, welcome to inquire.

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  1,Shandong Raytop Chemical Co.,Ltd  is founded in 2006 with register capital of RMB 5 million. We are professional Optical Brighter manufacturer, is a chemical enterprise with R & D, production and sales together. Our company specializes in the production and sale of Optical Brighter Agent series products, which are wideused in plastic, coating,ink,detergent,textile and paper-making industry. In the past two years the company also introduced the industry's advanced testing equipment, high performance liquid chromatography, whiteness meter, automatic melting point apparatus, etc,to establish and improve the integrity of the quality, technical support and after-sales service system.

2,Hebei Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1992. It is a manufacturer of basic dyes and fluorescent brighteners in China. There are 9 production bases, and more than 1,200 employees. The head office is situated in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China. Xinyu got self-managerial import and export rights in 1997 and passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 1999. At present, Xingyu has developed into a technological innovation-based enterprise engaged in scientific research, production and distribution.

3,Hubei Hongxin Chemical is a Optical Brighter manufacturer,  has more than 120 employees work there, including 8 senior engineers, 40 backbone technical personnel. Besides, several domestic well-known professors are employed as technical consultant. It also has long term cooperation with a number of chemical engineering colleges / universities and scientific research institutions. It has been implementing excellent performance management model since 2014, and passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification. It is committed to low-carbon, green, and circular economy, taking the road of sustainable development of resource-saving and environment-friendly.

4,Jiangsu Glory Chemical Co., Ltd. , is located in Jiangsu Yanhua Chemical Park, Huai’an (Hongze). It covers an area of 53,280 square meters, and it mainly specializes in manufacturing and sale optical brightener and dye intermediates. Our products are widely used in plastics, dyeing and printing, etc. Additionally, it also involves the manufacturing and development of various products like pharmaceutical intermediates and dye intermediates, flavor and fragrance intermediates.

5,Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that mainly researches, manufactures, and markets fluorescent brighteners, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic chemicals. In the 100 kinds or more of fine chemical products produced by the company, three have received the certificates for national key new products, and 10 received the new products certificates issues by Beijing Municipal New Technology Industrial Development Experimental Zone. Those products have been widely used in pharmaceuticals, reagents, plastics additives, and integrated circuits, etc., and exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

6,Daqing New Century Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is an Optical Brighter manufacturer , was founded in 1993, located in Jinshanpu, Honggang District of Daqing. New Century Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the strong companies in China in the field of organic intermediates and fluorescent brighteners in researching, manufacturing, marketing and distributing for the fine and specialty chemicals.

7,Shanxi Jinguang Chemical Industry Co., LTD. is the professional Optical Brighter manufacturer, production enterprise of optical brightener. The subordinate production base is located in High Tech Industrial Park along State Road 209, Linyi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, a golden-triangle area among Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan province, it is a chemical company with land more than 600 Mu and modern workshop more than 200,000 square meters.


8, Jinguang Chemical is an Optical Brighter manufacturer, dedicates itself to develop, manufacture and research optical brightener, we were approved by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification; ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification; OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and we are a member of CCIA.

9,Zhejiang Transfar Chemical Co.,Ltd

Scientists and engineers are committed to providing leading functional chemistry and new material solutions to provide a better life for human. 

As an optical Brighter manufacturer, we have more than 6000 innovative products to serve the textile, paper, plastic and architectural coatings industries with more than 80 countries and regions around the world. We are a strategic partner of BASF, Shell, Daikin and other international enterprises.

10,Shandong Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

we are the Optical Brighter manufacturer in China. Because of good quality and reasonable price, we enjoy high reputation among our customers from India, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and so on.  

Tiancheng is a famous name in paper chemicals industries in China. We were visited by many well-known companies around the world such as Hercules USA, Sweden Eka, India Blue Haze and so on. We have successfully cooperated with companies like International Paper, APP, Kemira Finland, Mitsui Japan, Arakawa Chemical Industries Japan, Chuo-chem Japan, Seiko PMC Japan, Showa Denko Japan, Roquette and so on.

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