The price of optical brightener OB FP-127 CBS-X has risen in Sep,2021

2021-09-17 18:03:43

The price of optical brightener(fluorescent brightener) OB FP-127 CBS-X has risen in Sep.2021

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission directly named nine provinces and regions at a regular press conference: Qinghai, Ningxia, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, the energy consumption intensity in the first half of the year did not fall but increased instead! In addition, the reduction rate of energy intensity in 10 provinces did not meet the schedule requirements, and the national energy conservation situation is very severe.

The production capacity of a variety of chemical products is restricted, and 10,000 chemical companies have encountered production stoppages

The chemical industry is a traditional large energy consumer, and the dual control of energy consumption has a very obvious impact on its output. According to incomplete statistics from the Paint Purchasing Network, the 9 first-level warning areas where energy consumption does not decrease but increase include Guangdong, a major chemical province, and Yunnan, a major chemical province; and the second-level warning areas include Zhejiang, a major chemical province, and Yunnan. There are 10,000 chemical companies covering Sichuan, a major town of titanium dioxide and Henan, a major town of coal chemical industry.

Among them, the soda ash production capacity in Qinghai area accounts for 15.63% of the country, the PVC production capacity in Xinjiang area accounts for 16.99% of the country, and the soda ash production capacity in Jiangsu area accounts for 17.9% of the country. The country's 37.87%, and copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, rebar, manganese silicon, and ferromanganese production capacity account for a relatively high proportion, of which tin production capacity accounts for 59% of the country.

This national policies has affected the price of some models of optical brighteners,price increased ranging from 15% to 35%. Among them, the prices of more obvious models are: optical brightener OB 184, optical brightener FP-127 378, optical brightener ER 199 199:1, optical brightener CBS-X 351.

For our more than ten years experience,this kind of price increase will keep till spring of next year.

Fluorescent brightener OB 184: Mainly used in various plastic products, and can also be used in coatings, paints and inks.

Fluorescent brightener FP-127 378: blue-violet light, used for high-end plastic products, the best whitening effect for PVC.

Fluorescent brightener ER 199 199:1: mainly used for refining, and the slurry is used for polyester blending and other industries.

Fluorescent brightener CBS-X 351: soluble in water, mainly used in the washing industry, such as soap, washing powder, liquid detergfluorescent brightening agent FP-127.JPGbrighteners.JPG

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