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Optical Brightener MDAC(SWN)

The optical brightener MDAC (SWN) 140 is mainly used for the whitening of soft and hard PVC plastics, wool, natural silk and acrylic fibers, nylon (polyamide), and also used for whitening washing powder. optical brightener MDAC (SWN) 140 is also a A common laser dye.

Chemical Name:optical brightener SWN;optical brightener MDAC,4-methyl-7-diethyl amino coumarin


Appearance:White to light brown crystalline powder

Molecular Formula:C14H17NO2

Melting point:68.5-72℃




This product is used for whitening wool, natural silk, nylon, acetate fiber, triacetate fiber.Also can be used for cotton, 

cellulose fiber, acrylic fiber whitening. 

The dosage is 0.05% ~ 2.0%.

Adding synthetic washing powder to the fabric can improve the appearance whiteness of the fabric after washing.

Recommended Dosage



Cellulose acetate fiber:0.05-1.4%

Triacetate fibre:0.1-2%



Optical Brightener SWN 140 made in China,mainly be used as optical brightener of H-PVC,S-PVC,wool, natural silk, polyamide fiber and acrylic fiber. Also can be used for detergent. This product is a common laser dyestuff.
Not only optical brightener can used for plastics,detergent,textile,it also can used for wool.China Optical Brightener MDAC 140 for wool is famouse for its high quality and low price.Our Optical Brightener MDAC 140 has very white cystal po...