Fluorescent brighteners for detergents and soaps

2021-07-22 02:21:35

Fluorescent brighteners are widely used in detergents and soaps as nontoxic additives. If you are a manufacturer or factory of detergents and soaps and are choosing fluorescent brighteners, which fluorescent brighteners are suitable for detergents and soaps? Let's talk about it today.

Fluorescent brighteners for detergents and soaps


Basic requirements for fluorescent brighteners for detergents and soaps

a. Harmless to the human body;

b. Good low temperature dyeing performance (40~50℃), CBS-X can be used at 10~60℃;

c. It should have high affinity to many kinds of fibers as much as possible;

d. Good chemical stability;

e. Wide pH adaptability;

f. Good uniform whitening performance;

g. Good cumulative washing whiteness;

h. It can significantly increase the whiteness of washing powder or soap body and improve its appearance;

i. Higher dosage in synthetic detergent or soap;

j. Have higher solubility or better dispersibility; (for example, FBCW)

k. Better thermal stability, washing and light fastness;

l. Economical.

Varieties of fluorescent brighteners for detergents and soaps

During the washing process, 20%-95% of the fluorescent whitening agent is bound to the fiber, depending on the washing conditions and fiber material. Commonly used C.I. fluorescent whitening agents 9, 71, 85, 205, 220, 351, 5BM

Heavy-duty solid detergent: 5BM, C.I. fluorescent whitening agent 71, 85 (washing in a washing machine with a higher water temperature);

C.I. Fluorescent Whitening Agent 351, 205 (washing in a washing machine with lower water temperature);

Heavy-duty liquid detergent: C.I. Fluorescent Brightener 9;

Light-duty liquid detergent: C.I. Fluorescent Brightener 351

(3) How to use fluorescent whitening agent in detergent and soap

a. How to use in detergent

   Powder detergent generally uses dry mixing method, solid phase neutralization molding method, spray drying molding method (high tower method) and agglomeration molding method;

   Liquid detergent generally adopts stirring and mixing method;

   Paste detergents generally use the carboxymethyl cellulose method and the soap method.

b. How to use in soap

   Laundry soap: add when blending

Soap: Add it when blending, commonly used C.I. fluorescent whitening agent 85, 351.

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